Procurement Forum


Procurement is one of the biggest challenges in delivering local EVI. Research conducted by Cenex in 2022 concluded that LAs experience a lot of difficulties throughout procurement.  Setting terms and conditions, knowing what to procure and agreeing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) were the top challenges highlighted.

The following are the current key outputs from the Procurement Forum:

Heads of Terms →

Technical Schedules →

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) →

Tender Evaluation (Concession) →


The Procurement Forum was founded to tackle these challenges.  It aims to review and release guidance backed by LAs, the procurement industry and CPOs to facilitate the deployment of charging solutions on good commercial terms. This is grounded in the OZEV goal to ensure local authorities have the appropriate support to make the most of the available public grants, ensure value for money and successful long-term delivery of EVI.

The Procurement Forum’s objective is therefore to leverage existing procurement knowledge to standardise terms for EV chargepoints procurement to facilitate high-quality contracts which make the most of the available public funds.


The Forum is made of representatives from the organisation in the image.

The Forum acts as an advisory and review board for the deliverables, which are created by the Working Group, including Department for Transport, Competition and Markets Authority, PA Consulting, Crown Commercial Services, Green Finance Institute, Scottish Futures Trust and Cenex.