Insights Toolkit

The Insights Toolkit aims to support those involved in the deployment of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (EVI) with reliable, independent, up-to-date information.

Localised, quantitative data and modelling are available to Local Authorities, (LAs), consultancies, chargepoint operators and academic institutions.

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The Toolkit has two parts: Modelling and Mapping.


Cenex's modelling uses PowerBI to provide downloadable data at an LA-specific level, along with comparison data at country or devolved administration level.

It is divided into four sections, which are updated regularly and are being expanded over time in response to customer feedback:

  • Current Status - what is the situation regarding the vehicle parc, plug-in vehicles, emissions, chargepoints and socio-demographics.

  • Future Projections - what is the likely EV uptake and how many public chargepoints of what types will be needed to serve these.

  • Potential Benefits - what are the air quality, environmental and monetised benefits of these future scenarios.

  • Implementation planning - what might this be delivered and what might it cost.


Cenex's online mapping tools provide downloadable geospatial data, at LA, Output Area and Postcode granularity.

Depending on the organisation type and access level which has been purchased, the layers include:

  • Early Adopter Index - information on the likelihood of households in Census Output Areas to switch to EVs;

  • Residential Charging Index - information on the level of likely reliance of Census Output Areas on public EVI;

  • National Chargepoint Registry - information on the location and power of chargepoints;

  • Zapmap - detailed information on the location, power and other characteristics of chargepoints;

  • Co-charger - information on the density of households which are sharing their private chargepoints;

  • Motability - information on the density of Motability Operations customers