Insights Toolkit published for Local Authorities

Cenex has released a new service that provides information on road transport-related topics for Local Authorities.

The National EV Insights and Strategy (NEVIS) Insights Toolkit is free at the point of use for all English Local Authorities thanks to OZEV funding and also available for LAs from the devolved nations to purchase.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • The current state of the vehicle parc

  • Current road transport emissions (CO2e, PM10 and NOx)

  • Projected required charging infrastructure for plug-in-vehicles (PiVs)

  • Forward projections for emissions and mitigated damage costs

This service is regularly updated to provide up-to-date, accurate and useful information.

The Toolkit is accessible through the NEVIS webpage and is displayed as an interactive set of graphs, charts, and figures. The information can be filtered by region, allowing the user to compare local transport to the whole country. It can also be viewed by year to allow the user to focus on specific time ranges or target dates.

Finally, a range of projections are available which relate to the speed at which the UK will transition to zero-emission-vehicles, according to certain government targets.

The purpose of the Toolkit is to provide Local Authority officers with the insights and knowledge required to write an EV charging infrastructure strategy and support them with ongoing evidence during the deployment of infrastructure. The information can help build the business case for charging infrastructure, define the required number of chargepoints and highlight the benefits of transitioning to BEVs.