Accessible Electric Vehicle charging: launching PAS 1899

PAS 1899:2022 is a new specification on accessible public chargepoints for electric powered vehicles. It covers the design and placement of chargepoints, including the location spacing and surrounding environment, as well as the information, signals and indicators to be provided.

A webinar is planned for 11th October to explain why accessible charging is needed; what the standard includes; and how to put it into practice.

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Who should attend the PAS 1899 launch webinar?

This session will be relevant to anyone involved in designing, procuring, managing, and using public chargepoints, including:

  • Chargepoint designers, manufacturers and installers

  • Chargepoint operators, landowners and charge point hosts

  • Local (government), regional and city-based transport planners

  • Built environment owners and managers

  • Urban design professionals

  • Highway engineers and highway authorities

  • OEMs and vehicle manufacturers

  • Landscape professionals

  • Owners of existing public chargepoints

  • Consumers and EV user groups

What will participants gain?

  • Find out more about the need for accessible charging

  • Hear from the sponsors of the PAS 1899, Motability and OZEV, industry and design experts

  • Information on how PAS 1899 can help users achieve an accessible and inclusive chargepoint environment

  • Background on the standard’s development and how to download your copy

  • The chance to put your questions to accessible EV chargepoint experts

  • A post-event copy of all presentations and a recording of the webinar