Cenex and Experian UK&I join forces to support local authorities with hyper-local Electric Vehicle projections

Cenex, the not-for-profit research and technology consultancy, and Experian UK&I, the data technology company, are collaborating to allow local authorities (LAs) access to unprecedented data on the location of EVs within their areas.

With the demand for EVs growing across the UK, LAs have a crucial role to play to ensure reliable access to chargepoints. Many LAs currently utilise advice and guidance that relies on Department for Transport data on the location of vehicle registrations.  However, with over 60% of new car registrations being through leasing companies, this is not an accurate representation of where vehicles are driven.

This gap in data was highlighted by The Geospatial Commission in their 'Charging Ahead’ report published last year, where five recommendations were made including how location insight can better support local EV chargepoint planning. The third of these recommendations was to identify the location of EVs by using data about leased vehicles.

This step is crucial, and this data is now being put into the hands of local authorities.

By combining Cenex’s expertise and Experian UK&I’s extensive demographic data, the current and future location of cars can be more effectively modelled. These improved projections are now available through Cenex’s National EV Insight and Support (NEVIS) service, where subscribers can access reliable, independent, and up-to-date information to help with the planning and delivery of EV Infrastructure (EVI). 

Chris Rimmer, Infrastructure Strategy Lead said: “This collaboration enables us to deliver hyper-local analysis and projections.  We can transform the government data to show where vehicles are likely to be driving, rather than just where they are registered.”

Clive Gosling, Head of Consulting at Experian UK&I added: “By using Cenex’s projections as an input into our MOSAIC and demographic data, we can provide local authorities with the precise data they need to more accurately plan for the number, types and locations of EV Infrastructure required in their area. In addition, this sort of insight not only eliminates the guesswork, but it ultimately allows local authorities to make informed planning investments more swiftly.”

As part of this collaboration, organisations wishing to plan at a hyper-local level can now upgrade to Experian UK&I’s ward-specific EV uptake projections to guide their strategy and delivery, from directly within the NEVIS service.

All organisations registered for NEVIS can view and download the information directly from within the service to supplement the existing free information on current status by LA, future projections, potential benefits of electrification, outline business case inputs, and geospatial mapping.

About Cenex:

Cenex was established in 2005 as the UK’s Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies. Constituted as an independent not-for-profit consultancy and research organisation, Cenex works with and for government and industry to help catalyse supply chain and market development. Cenex has a track record of successfully delivering trustworthy, evidence-based analysis and insights on the opportunities associated with the transition toward a low carbon economy.

Cenex has a team of just under 50 staff, including both transport and energy systems specialists conducting research and consultancy projects on the opportunities and challenges associated with transition to electricity, hydrogen and alternative fuels for transportation, energy generation and energy storage. 

Cenex are the main technical advisors to the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) Fund support body.  Cenex also currently manages the UK’s National EV Chargepoint Register on OZEV’s behalf, and has been appointed to provide EV infrastructure vision, strategy, implementation and delivery plans for Local Governments across the UK. 


About Experian:

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